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Here at Burleighs Gin we’re inspired by the beautiful landscapes that surround us. So much so, our Signature recipe was built around unique botanicals found hidden away in the ancient Burleighs woodland that would one day become the home and namesake of our Distillery. 

As we develop as a business, we’ve been working hard to strengthen our own connection to the natural world, taking proactive steps to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our sustainability. After all, the natural world is a world of change and it has never been more important to look after the environment - to return the love it has shown us for centuries.

At Burleighs, ‘sustainability’ is more than just a buzzword - we are actively pledging to be more eco-friendly and have transformed the way we work to benefit not just us, but the rest of the world. We hope that the small changes we make to our business will inspire others to follow suit.

Solar Powered Gin

The Burleighs Gin Distillery has been powered by the Sun since we started distilling back in 2014. The Solar Panels here on the farm provide power to the whole Distillery, Messy Bessy included! This means that every bottle of Burleighs has a very low carbon-footprint, proving that even the most premium products don’t have to cost the earth - literally!

Bio-degradable Burleighs

We recently switched out our old packaging to a fresh new biodegradable material, meaning that every bottle we send out, whether it’s down the road or across the ocean, can be fully recycled (after you’ve enjoyed the gin, that is).

Reduce & Recycle

We do our best to reduce waste at every step of our production process. Although only the ‘hearts’ of each distillation go onto to be bottled as the gin you know and love, we recycle both the ‘heads’ and ‘tails’ of the batch to ensure waste is at a minimum. It doesn’t stop there either, every single bit of cardboard and every single empty bottle is recycled on-site, and we make every effort to ensure we use as little plastic as possible in our day-to-day operations.

Distilling Innovations

We wanted to make sure that every aspect of the Distillery was as sustainable as possible. This includes our brand-new Gin Academy. The benches at Gin School are completely self-sustained and self-contained: we recycle the water used in the distillation process through the benches, which saves us from using unnecessary water every weekend.

Supporting the National Forest


Burleighs are proud to be situated in the heart of the National Forest. We have always been inspired by the beauty of our historic surroundings and we wanted to give back to the surroundings that have helped our brand blossom. Working in partnership with expert foresters, we developed a unique botanical recipe for our National Forest Gin that encompasses the true spirit of our rolling landscapes.

Expertly distilled on our copper-pot still, the National Forest Gin is a vibrant, earthy creation featuring Elderflower, Blackberries and Wild Cherry. Using the signature Burleighs recipe as a base, this a classic gin with bold juniper and zesty citrus perfectly complimented by the earthy flavours of the forest.

Each bottle sold will help support the continuing efforts to create an accessible forest that will provide lasting benefits for generations to come.