Under the Ginfluence 004 | Same Again?

‘Same Again?’: How to support local after lockdown.

Monday April 12th saw the long-awaited return of something we’ve come to know as ‘outdoor hospitality’. In simpler terms, beer gardens. This week, people have returned to the pub for the first time in months. The beer garden has re-invented itself: new heaters, new parasols, gazebos, domes, marquees, hand sanitizer everywhere. Booking tables with your bubbles- and we don’t mean the G&Ts. Ordering drinks through your phone but knowing they are all being made with a smile, behind the scenes. We’ve even been lucky with the weather (snow not included!).  Navigating the strangely familiar world of Covid-friendly pubs and bars is something we’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. Over the past year we’ve all adapted to become our own bartenders, filling our cupboards with bottles of Burleighs and crates of beer, taking stock by judging how heavy the recycling box was that week. Now, we can pop down to the local for the true bar-quality drinks we’ve all been missing. After all, there’s something special about having a perfect G&T made for you, presented to you in a beer garden like the gift it is, toasting this one to many, many more.

Of course, with some restrictions on the hospitality industry still in place, not everyone will be so quick to return. And let’s face it- after a year of lockdowns, we are more than used to staying at home. But as beer gardens open, so can yours. The garden gatherings can resume; the home bar restocked to cater for six rather than two, the patio furniture dusted down and placed in a socially-distanced circle, blankets from the back of the wardrobe handed out when it inevitably starts to get chilly. One thing we can all be sure of is that taking some time out to sit, with a drink (preferably an ice-cold Burleighs) and some friends we haven’t seen in a while, feels like the start of something good.

Here at Burleighs, we’re proud to support our local hospitality- and even prouder to see our bottles behind the bar at our local pubs. Supporting local has always been important to us, back from when we first started distilling in 2014. Fast forward six years and we’re still supporting our local pubs, just as they have supported us, and are as excited (and slightly nervous) about getting back to normal as they are. Knowing that the pubs are open again and serving beautiful Burleighs G&Ts makes us so excited to reopen the doors to the distillery for Tours and Gin Academies! Newly refurbished and brimming with botanicals, we’re looking forward to sharing the captivating world of a craft distillery with you. But for now, it’ll have to be shared through a drink ordered in a beer garden, or a bottle bought for the home collection, or even a Tour voucher bought for the promise of good times ahead. And that’s more than okay with us! When supporting local means popping down to that pub on the corner for a few drinks with friends, or simply sitting in your garden with a glass of the good stuff, it has never been easier, or more rewarding, to do.

As the country starts to take those all-important steps back to normality, we can start to look forward to making plans again. With actual dates in the diary and a separate calendar for your pre-booked pints, it feels good to know that things are on the up. It feels even better to know you’re supporting your local hospitality industry whilst you’re at it- so go ahead and book that table (or dome, or marquee, or gazebo), order that much deserved Gin and Tonic, sit in your garden with your latest gin-based creation and a book. However you choose to enjoy the new freedoms, make sure to enjoy them exactly how you want to, with good people, and definitely with good gin.

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